2019 Suzuki Jimny/Jimny Sierra JB74W

Well well well, look what we have here.

Plenty of mods to make it into what I want, and I’ll try to give as good a guide to these as I can. I’ve broken the mods up into individual sections with justifications/how-tos and more info where I can.

Using it

Haven’t done too many trips so far, but I did sneak down the southwest of WA for a bit of a beach getaway. I’ve tried to catalogue my camping gear here, just so you’ve got an idea of what has worked for me.

Some 4wding through various parts at the back of Perth indicated that maybe something was needed to keep the dog comfortable in the back (hence I got sliding windows).

Winter time saw some action down in the forest tracks of the southwest

It’s also done some things like the Holland Track: did it easily, and super enjoyable time with the car!

Also lots of time just stooging around the Perth tracks, either solo or with friends.

Semi-local tracks like the Captain Fawcett track also get a bit of a look in here and there when time allows.

Cleaning, servicing and fixing it

I mostly haven’t had to do too much servicing to the car, but I’ve started collecting notes on servicing the car.

Cleaning stuff

I’ll slowly be adding to this, but for now:

Service and workshop stuff

Servicing a Jimny: all you need to know about changing oils, coolant, brake pads and lots of other random things.

Bolt torque settings for the Jimny

Wiring and wire connectors

The first major fix I’ve done to it was the brakes; they didn’t really need it, but it’s good to write up content on how you change brake pads, brake discs and brake shoes on the JB74.

I’ve also pulled together some suggestions around tool kits and things to consider for different journeys

If you need touch up paints I have compiled the JB74 paint codes.

Common issues with JB74s

Currently I’m compiling up a bunch of the common JB74 issues. Most are not major or are just things to be aware of. There’s not really anywhere on the internet where these are consolidated so I figured I’d pull it together, but it will obviously be biased by my experience.

Modifying it

The evolution of my car

Load carrying beast, January 2023
October 2022
As at January 2021
First day of registration and unmodified, August 2019


There’s no full list of all of the accessories available in all markets, so I’ve done my best to compile everything out of brochures or from random accessories I’ve seen in various FB groups. This is a non-comprehensive guide to the Suzuki genuine accessories for the gen4 Jimnys.


Suspension upgrade

Protection and recovery


Luggage carrying and storage

Other external


Something random: Jimny history through the ages, a mostly Australian perspective on the model’s history.

Because I like documenting things with sources and putting it somewhere that it can’t be easily deleted: a deep dive and official sources on the 30 kg roof load limit for a JB74.