Recovery equipment

Jimnys don’t often get stuck but you need to be prepared… even if it’s just to tug someone else out.

Recovery straps, shackles etc

Miners Crib bag with my recovery kit in it.

Nothing too special here, but it’s a place I’ll put discussion of my recovery kit.

Some of my recovery gear: tree protector and corresponding shackles; winch ring and soft shackle; tow rope (i.e. non stretch), 2 soft shackles, 50x50mm receiver recovery point.

Recovery boards

A lot of the time, there’s no need for anything other than a decent set of recovery boards. Having had a few, I’m pretty happy to settle on Maxtrax as the all-rounder that suits me. If you buy them on special the price is palatible and there’s a plethora of great mounting options for them… kinda happy with just how well they mount up to the cheap ebay ladder though!

Easiest mounting option: cheap ebay aluminium ladder holds 4 maxtrax comfortably using camlock straps. Only just sticks above the roof line, too!