TGR ethos: motorbike racing, on a sensible budget. We’re not necessarily about bike racing on the dumb, but on good and creative engineering on a budget.

TGR is…

… having more gearbox and engine parts in your freezer than actual food.
… carefully annealing a copper washer just so you don’t have to buy another one, then losing it in the garage and using thread sealant instead.
… making a bike yours, and adding horsepower with just the right amount of stickers.
… milling out a rear sprocket hub very carefully with an angle grinder.
… using a pushbike frame to repair 2 stroke chambers: Cr-Mo steel for free.
… running out of change before you have enough fork preload.
… and so much more.

Check out our current and formerly retired racers to give you an idea as to who is who around here.