(temporarily) Retired racers

Jono: founder of the original TGR, Jono campaigned a VFR400R in Period 6 and still holds the record for the fastest learner ever on a Suzuki GS500. He is that good. He also loves bacon.

Dids: campaigned a 1989 RGV250 and decided that wasn’t enough of a mechanical headache, so he moved onto Range Rovers.

Mike: campaigned a 1995 ZX-6R. Mike has a perchant for hopping on the back of motorbikes with scantily clad men and loves anything with a motor, so long as it’s cool.

Charlie: campaigned a 1995 ZX-6R and has been the TGR “pinch hitter” for a couple of PCRA 1 hour enduros. Capable of turning thoughts into magnificent pieces of metal, Charlie is a skilled fabricator and a great guy, too.

Robracer: campaigned two classic Hondas, a CB350/4 and a CB750. Rob has an interest in nearly every bike out there and has a real passion for both classic bikes and sidecars.