Lathe stuff

Machining is pretty important, and lathes are awesome. Here’s a bit of a rundown area on how to use a lathe, illustrated with Chops’ Hercus 9″ lathe.

In lieu of enough time to write everything up, let’s start with a picture of the lathe and what each of the components do. It’s not even a picture of Chops’ lathe, but we promise to do better soon.


Planned articles


Beginner’s guide to the Hercus 9″
The modern version of Textbook of Turning.



Setting work up in the 4-jaw chuck
Who really wants to cock about ages trying to centre work?



Thread cutting on the Hercus 9″
Mine’s a metric lathe, and metric is the right thread for many, many motorcycles. Here’s how you cut threads.



Using the Z-slide to mill things
Want to do a bit of milling like creating a hex head for a bolt? Here’s how.



Home machining of titanium
Cheap high-speed steel, an ability to sharpen tools, and some careful lubrication? You too can make fancy parts from aerospace Ti!