TGR spacer for a brake lever adjuster

I’ve fitted some CRG levers to the ZX6R but still feel they needed to sit further out from the bar to clear my fat fingers when two-finger braking. With the the roller clicker they have a wide range of adjustment, but I could see there was potential to get more clearance by putting some form of spacer into the 1mm gap between the adjuster and the bearing.

I disassembled the lever and measured up the bearing at 11mm and fortunately I had some 12mm o.d. aluminium tubing laying around. Its internal diameter was around 10mm though, so I drilled out the end with an 11mm bit and popped the bearing in.


I then used a pipe cutter to get a neat cut on the end, which also had the benefit of crimping the end of the tube. Then all I had to do was tip it upside down and tap it a few times to get the bearing all the way down and then cut again with the pipe cutter on the other side of the bearing to also crimp the other end.


With some careful filing to get the length right for its position in the lever, the job was done. As you can see the spacing is perfect and the roller still spins freely when using the adjuster.