DIY Mechanical

Here at TGR, we are all about spreading the knowledge. Here’s a sampling of some of the technical/DIY work we’ve done over the years and want to share with others to help them out.

R6 Expiry

Engine work
Two stroke porting, four stroke porting, boring, stroking, honing, valve clearances, motor replacements. If it goes bang, we’ve dealt with it.

Gearbox work
Grinding gears is never pleasant. Swapping out gears, making them shift faster and even things like a full gearbox rebuild on a Kawasaki ZX-9R are all covered by us.

Clutch stuff
No bike works well with a dodgy clutch. Rebuilding clutches including Ducati dry clutches and old bike clutches, modifying them to make them better, and all other clutch related items can be found here.

Carburettor/fuel injection work
Suck, squeeze, bang, blow doesn’t work well if the intake isn’t working right. Jetting, cleaning up carbs, modifying them, swapping to bigger ones… plus all the ones and zeros of modern EFI bikes are things we love here at TGR.


Racing mechanical safety (bellypans, lockwiring)
Wanna go racing and need to deal with the safety stuff? Lockwiring, how to dodge up bellypans in legit ways that work, and the rest of it all are covered.


Brake work
While stopping doesn’t tend to make you go faster, good brakes are nice things to have. Rebuilds, brake upgrades, bleeding brakes and swapping out old rubber lines for fancy braided ones.


Suspension work
Scientific progress at TGR goes boiiiiiing. From simple static/rider sag setup through to fork rebuilds, cleanups, modifications, fork and shock swaps we have it all.

Chain and sprockets

Wheels, bearings, stuff that keeps you on the road


Time-sert insert on sump plug bolt

Other mechanical
The leftovers – stuff like helicoils/timeserts, foot peg and rearset stuff, and fancy ways to use household chemicals to get rid of rust and make parts excellent once more.