Tech info

This is really the TGR encyclopaedia with info like spark plug stuff, metric thread sizes and all that. We also have some more in-depth scientific stuff here!



Optimal gear changing points
Turning dyno readings + gearing into something useful. See how torque at the engine multiplies to the thrust that gives you acceleration.



Racechrono GPS versus lap timing
How accurate and precise are GPS based lap timers when checked against proper race timing?



Relative air density and fuelling
Critical to understand for carburettor tuning, here’s how the air density changes with temperature, pressure and humidity. Also features how to calculate it, and some suggested gauges for measuring it if you want to go that route.



Spark plug codes
Need to translate a spark plug? Here’s how!



Fasteners 101
The ultimate TGR guide to bolts and screws and nuts and all those sorts of things. Don’t know a dzus from a speednut? Unsure about bolt grades or head shapes? We have it all listed here in our handy bolt/fastener glossary!