Suzuki RGV250 gearbox bearing references

This is another simple post, but useful to have handy: gearbox bearing references for a VJ21 (and probably VJ22) Suzuki RGV250.

Cassette plate bearings
Shift drum: Koyo 16005C3
Input shaft: Koyo 6304
Output shaft/kick start idler: NTN 6202.

Case bearings and seals
Output shaft bearing: 6305
Output shaft seal: 38 25 6 (though part number on the one I have is AP1305E)
Gear shift seal: 22 12 9

Input shaft circlips
25 mm x 2
Ring clip 22.7 mm.

Output shaft circlips and needle bearing
28 mm x 3
OD: 21.75 mm x ID: 18.25 mm x height: 12.7 mm

Kickstart idler circlip and needle bearing
18 mm x 1
OD: 18.7 mm x ID: 15.15 mm x height: 12.7 mm