Field expedient secondary racing cover

Racing down in Tassie, I had a small issue where the LC lost the auxiliary clutch cover. This was a small pain as I was 1000+ km from my tools and no easy way to sort it for the next day’s racing. Enter bunnings, a hacksaw, a cheap drill and some 3mm aluminium strip…. and thanks to my Dad for running off to buy it so we could make it happen!

Cutting was done with a hacksaw. Bending was achieved by sticking it underneath a few of the retaining wall bricks and levering on it.


Drilling, on the other hand, was using the fine drill press called a drainage ditch. $20 drill from Bunnings FTW. It even came with drill bits!


All installed and it worked great. Well, I didn’t crash test it, but it passed scruitineering and that was the primary objective.


No need for fancy tools or a big workshop.