Jimny interior lighting upgrades

This one isn’t very long. Bought some LED things from Japan, they arrived, I fitted them.

Cabin light

Cabin light is very easy: with the light off for a while so the globe isn’t hot, use a trim removal tool to pull the light out of the roof lining.

Pull up on the metal protector plate, revealing the globe.

Now pull the globe out, and push through the gap onto the lens to pop the lens out.

Pulling the backing to the double-sided tape, stick the tape down to the housing.

Plug in the connector at this stage, and turn the light on to verify it works. If it doesn’t, swap the connector around as polarity does matter.

Pop the lens back in, the metal bracket back in, and then push the light back into the roof lining and you’re done.

Boot light

Same deal as the cabin light – turn the light off for a while before you do this, and then pull the housing out of the roof lining using a trim removal tool.

This metal protector actually lifts up on one end and pivots rather than fully comes off.

Now push the lens out from the back.

Pull the tape off the LED array and stick it in.

Plug the wire in, and turn the light on to make sure of the polarity. Again, if it doesn’t light up swap the orientation.

The kit I bought also came with a much dimmer version – this one is still brighter than the stock light though!

It’s so much brighter with the lights upgraded, not to mention a much nicer colour temperature.