Awning: Oztent Foxwing Eco 2.1

This is a pretty short one, mostly to document my thoughts on the 270º awning I have for the Jimny.

I went with the discontinued Oztent Foxwing Eco 2.1 270º awning because, well, it pretty well suits the shorter cabin of the Jimny and I wanted rear coverage.

I’m not a huge awning fan so I also wanted inexpensive so buying discontinued was a good idea as it got me an awning in the style I wanted cheaper over a new model. I got a few walls included with the awning though often I don’t use these.

It is mounted on Smart Touring Systems quick-fit awning mounts on the side of the roof racks. This makes it very easy to take off or put back on as I want. I’ve documented this in the much longer roof rack article.

Note: it is not a free standing awning so don’t do it like this if it is at all windy! You risk breaking the plastic hinges for the horizontal arms if you do so… and while you can buy replacements (including ones made of metal) its ideal not to break it while out on a trip!
Always support the corners by the poles, even if only up temporarily like I’m showing here and without guy ropes attached.

I’m a big fan of the rear coverage of the awning and it’s nice having the option to easily attach walls to really provide some protection!