JB74 wiring and wire connectors

This certainly can’t be exhaustive, as I’m not equipped to redraw or reverse-engineer the entire wiring loom. I’ll do what I can to document different things here as I find stuff and as I go.

This information wouldn’t be possible without the excellent research into connectors and wiring by Royce Murphy, an absolute legend of the Suzuki world and may he RIP. Royce provided a heap of info through Auzookers and also various FB pages over the years. I’m providing this info here free because one of the big bugbears was the way accessories companies would pump for info & then give zero credit; this way, everyone can have access to find the $2 connector they need instead of buying a $40 piggyback connector made poorly.



Leaving this blank till I work out a decent way to draw the circuits, but I’ll add info here where I need to.

Wiring connectors

Headlights (LED)

These use a 6 pin Sumitomo TS series connector. If making up a piggyback harness you need both the male and female connectors: 6188-0175 and 6189-0323. If just remaking the headlight connector on the car side of the wiring loom then 6189-0323 suffices.

Pin numberWire colourItem
1Light blue (L); light green (R)Headlight levelling motor
2Blue (L); brown (R)High beam
3Green (L); yellow (R)Headlight on signal
4BlackGround (headlight)
5Red (L); purple (R)Park light
6BlackGround (high beam)


2 pin 90980-11019

DRL/fog lights

3 pin 6187-3231 and 6180-3241

Dashboard switches

6098-3810 6098-3802

Replacement dashboard switches (short Toyota)

JAE Electronics IL-AG5-5S-S3C1 (also matches reverse camera input to Bosch 7″ head unit) and IL-AG5-5P-S3C1

Headunit reverse/park/handbrake

Yazaki 7283-5830 and 7282-5830