Jimny interior/carpet removal

Let’s just say you had a little failure to proceed and your car is a bit soggy inside. Or, perhaps, you’d like to add some sound deadening to make your Jimny a little bit nicer place to be and drive. Perhaps you have a complicated 12V installation and want options to really make it easier to get everything just how it needs to be. This article will take you through ways to remove the Jimny’s interior and carpet.

I had to do this because I had a little issue involving some water ingress from getting hung up mid boghole and unable to go forwards or backwards. Just one of those things; Suzuki did put a huge amount of thought into dealing with such situations so it’s not a problem at all. The carpet is marine style carpet so doesn’t suffer hugely from some water, and they’ve tucked all of the wiring up and out of the way with no connectors down low save for some waterproof connectors for the seat airbags and the seat belt alarms.

For reference, it took me about 30 minutes to get it all apart including taking the photos for this article. I took a couple of shortcuts I’ll mention but it really doesn’t take long at all.

Tools wise you will need a 14mm spanner or socket, a T40 torx socket, and a couple of plastic trim removal tools. That’s it!

Steps involved

  • Luggage box removal
  • Rear seat removal
  • Front seat removal
  • Trim removal
  • Carpet removal


Remove the luggage box and tool kit

There’s a few things hidden underneath the luggage box like the tools, and if you’ve drowned the car properly you’ll also want to make sure there’s no water under the rear seats or in the area where the jack sits.

Start with a nice complete intact rear area.

Lift out the rear luggage box by the sides, it just clips in using some trip clips.

Remove the rear seats

The rear seats come out pretty easily. There are 4 14mm headed bolts at the front and the back, plus 2 14mm nuts for the seat belt attachments to remove the upper part of the back seat; the seat base just clips in and out so is a doddle to remove.

Start by lifting up the seat base to remove it. Hard to describe but it just sort of lifts up from the front and the back corners and it pops out of its clips.

Once the seat base is lifted up you’ll expose the wiring for the seat belt connectors so unclip them.

You can now do the bolts at the front of the seat base. 14mm and all pretty easy.

Also remember to undo the seat belt nuts to release the base of the seat belt clip.

Remove the front seats

The front seats are really easy to remove. Each seat is bolted down by a T40 torx bolt at each corner, for a total of 8 bolts. There are also 2 wires clipped into the bottom of each seat: a small connector for the seat belt connector, and a larger yellow connector for the seat airbags.

Start by undoing the bolts. I undid the back before the front, but there’s no particular reason to do one over the over. Slide the seat all the way forwards or back, undo the bolts you can get to, slide it the other way, and undo the other bolts.

Small hint with torx bolts: if there’s any crap in the head of the bolt clean it out first. Also seat the torx bit nicely first with a couple of taps from a hammer or the something that resembles a hammer to make sure it’s nice and tightly into the bolt head.

With the bolts out of the way, you can kind of pivot the seat up a bit to release the wiring. The smaller one has a little clip you just push and then pull the connector out.

The airbag connector has a sliding clip you slide backwards

Remove key interior trim panels

The carpet is clipped in in a few places by being placed over some hooks which are then hidden by the interior trim. You need to either get the trim lifted up enough to release these hooked parts or totally remove the trim.

Remove carpet