Heat shield for under the bonnet

This one is a mod I wouldn’t say is essential. I bought to see if it cut down any noise or noticeable heat or anything. It didn’t; it also doesn’t make the engine back noticeably hotter or the engine more prone to overheating, either.

I wouldn’t buy it at the price some resellers list it for, but cheap direct from the source out of China it’s not so bad. It’s super easy to install but I took pics of doing it, so, why not throw them up here.

Start off with opening the bonnet and admiring the bare skin.

If you’re like me, you’ll have some little spatters of mud from offroad adventures there. It’s been worse than this, but you’ll want to clean it off.

The heat shield is held on with a bunch of screw-like rivets aka scrivets.

Pull out the centre before installing just the outer part first.

To install you push and slightly twist the centre pin with a screwdriver.

And done!

Worth it? Hard to say; I don’t see the benefit and there doesn’t seem to be an issue with bonnet paint getting ruined from heat, even driven hard in Australia. If you do feel you want one, though, that’s what they are and how they install. Pretty simple and easy 5 minute mod, though.