ARB Summit Bullbar & rock sliders (and JB74 bullbar info)

Absolutely zero fitting notes on this, but I had ARB fit their Summit bar and rocksliders designed for the JB74 as one of my first modifications for my car. I’ve still got the bullbar but I replaced the sliders with Horntool sill replacement sliders for something different to better suit how I was using the car.

Some pics from the day the car came home with the bullbar and sliders fitted:

Apparently I only have a low res shot of this front on.

Here’s a couple of useful links about this stuff since I didn’t fit it I couldn’t capture quite the same content.

A couple of things to note about the bullbar:

  • It’s relatively light weight for a bullbar, not in a bad way but in a ‘designed for the Jimny’ way. You can end up with this bullbar and a winch and still be lighter than even some loopless bullbars.
  • Good positioning spots for spotlights plus a UHF antenna mounting hole on each side wing of the bullbar
  • A lot of people don’t realise but the bar comes with high lift jacking points. Not that many people use high lift jacking points anymore but they are there
  • The winch mounting pattern is a standard pattern, feet forwards, but a lot of the smaller frame winches use smaller mounting patterns. Because the winches don’t mount onto a flat cradle there’s no meat to redrill, so smaller frame winches with smaller mounting patterns require a winch adapter plate. Super easy to knock up DIY I think, though.

JB74 bullbar info/weights

This was originally mostly pulled together by Trinity Vitetta, one of the JB74 facebook group contributors; she did a lot of the research and emailing bullbar manufacturers including rear bumper replacement. To make this accessible and more easily linked to some of the product info I’ve added a source column; I’ve also only replicated the bullbar info rather than rear bar info.

All weights are before other parts of the car are taken off. ARB suggest 8 kg of things are taken off the car to fit theirs and other bullbars are likely similar. This means your overall vehicle weight does not go up by quite as much as the weights listed in the following tables.

Looped bullbars

BrandModel# of loopsWeightADR complianceSource
AFNJB74 345 kgYesEmailed (note that some product listings say ‘approximate 32 kg’ but that is net weight on loopless
ARBSummit345 kgYesProduct specifications media release
IronmanCommercial361 kgYes
Outback AccessoriesXROX single hoop145 kgYesProduct listing

Loopless bullbars / replacement bumpers