Seriously Suzi rated recovery points for the JB74 ARB bullbar

Really impressed with these. In the past I used the Ironman rated recovery points which I adapted to the ARB bullbar; they worked but these are rated to higher loads and also are specifically designed for the ARB bullbar.

I bought them from ebay but they are made by Seriously Suzi in Melbourne.


  • Details on the points
  • What are they rated at?
  • What shackles do they work with?
  • Installing them
  • Should I get these or something else?

Details on the points

Lots of good stuff on these. They’re made in quite a similar way to the Ironman ones and are made of steel; they weigh about the same. They also use backing plates into the factory tiedown points along with tying into the bullbar to chassis leg mounts. Installation will therefore be a breeze; some of the other options out there for the Jimny are a bit convoluted in their installation.

They sit a tiny bit further up and backwards compared to the Ironman ones which is a good thing.

Paint wise they are finished in a similar texture and black depth to the ARB bar itself. While that makes them marginally harder to find in clear water when you are stuck, they are also a lot less obtrusive and will look like part of the bullbar when installed.

They are designed for the M10 bolts that come with the ARB bar. You could actually bore them out to 12mm holes and they would probably mount straight up to the Ironman bullbar, though, as this uses M12 bolts.

What are they rated at?

5000 kg, a bit more than the Ironman ones (3500 kg). They have been tested on a JB74 chassis as per the compliance sticker.

What shackles do they work with?

The blurb for them stated they work with normal shackles and also soft shackles. Was hard to tell but there’s a good chamfering on the edge of the holes for the shackles.

Installing them

Should I get these or something else?