JB74 fastener torques

This is based off the limited amount I’ve been able to compile from various areas. I’ll try to update with pictures of components as I can, but I’ll also keep everything in table form. Where possible I’ll note if a bolt isn’t recommended for reuse and/or loctite or other coatings required for the torque. These are out of my own notes I’ve taken over the years on what things are meant to be done up to.

These should not be regarded as official figures for the purposes of automotive repair or an endorsement of official workshop repair procedures, and are to be used at your own risk. While all efforts have been made to ensure their accuracy, they are provided as an informational guide.


General fasteners

Use this table where a fastener torque is not otherwise specified. This table assumes fasteners are clean and dry. Torques only apply fastening parts of solid steel or alloy, and high tensile bolts into a welded nut only are tigthened to a 6.8 strength rating and not further.

Bolt size, 4T strengthTorque (Nm)
M6-1.00 (10mm head)5.5
M8-1.25 (12mm head)13
M10-1.25 (14mm head)29
M12-1.25 (17mm head)45
M14-1.50 (19mm head)65
Bolt size, 6.8 strengthTorque (Nm)
M6-1.00 (10mm head)8.4
M8-1.25 (12mm head)20
M10-1.25 (14mm head)42
M12-1.25 (17mm head)80
M14-1.50 (19mm head)125
Locking nut or flanged bolt,
6.8 strength
Torque (Nm)
M6-1.00 (10mm head)8.8
M8-1.25 (12mm head)21
M10-1.25 (14mm head)44
M12-1.25 (17mm head)84
M14-1.50 (19mm head)133
Bolt, 7T strengthTorque (Nm)
M6-1.00 (10mm head)10
M8-1.25 (12mm head)23
M10-1.25 (14mm head)50
M12-1.25 (17mm head)85
M14-1.50 (19mm head)135
Bolt & nut, 8.8 strengthTorque (Nm)
M6-1.00 (10mm head)11
M8-1.25 (12mm head)27
M10-1.25 (14mm head)56
M12-1.25 (17mm head)105
M14-1.50 (19mm head)168
Locking nut or flanged bolt,
8.8 strength
Torque (Nm)
M6-1.00 (10mm head)12
M8-1.25 (12mm head)29
M10-1.25 (14mm head)59
M12-1.25 (17mm head)113
M14-1.50 (19mm head)175



PartTorque (Nm)FastenerNotes
EVAP purge valve nut7.0
Air cleaner mounting bolts11
Air cleaner hose clamp1.0
Intake manifold to head
(bolts and nuts)
25Do not reuse manifold o-ring gaskets
Throttle body to intake manifold bolts11
Throttle body support bracket11


PartTorque (Nm)FastenerNotes
Exhaust manifold bolt60M10-1.25 20mmTighten bolts and nuts from the centre outwards
Do not reuse exhaust manifold gasket
Exhaust manifold nut60M10-1.25 flangedAs above
Exhaust stiffener bolt to engine block25M8 20mmTighten after doing up stiffener nut
Exhaust stiffener nut25M8 flangedTighten nut first, then stiffener bolt to block
Oxygen sensors45M18-1.5
Exhaust system flange bolts50M10-1.25 65mm shanked and flanged (09119-10041)Do not resuse gaskets/cone seals in exhaust
Heat shield bolts11M6 12mm integrated washer and spring washer

Electrical – sensors & computer

PartTorque (Nm)Notes
ECM nut5.4
Power steering control module screw3.0
MAP sensor bolt5.0
Coolant temp sensor12
Knock sensor bolt23

Electrical – battery, charging and other

PartTorque (Nm)Notes
Alternator bolt25Tighten this first after adjusting belt slack
Alternator adjuster bolt5.0Tighten this second
Alternator bolt – lower48Tighten this third
Battery terminal nut5.0
Current load sensor nut14
Alternator battery “B” terminal8.0
Alternator bracket bolt25Order: Front upper, then front lower,
rear upper, then rear lower
Idler pulley bolt55
Alternator bearing retainer screw2.3
Alternator stator assembly holder2.0
Rear end cover bolt – alternator4.5

Cooling system

PartTorque (Nm)Notes
Water pump drive belt cover bolt11
Water pump bolt25Threebond 1207F sealant between waterpump and block
Water pump nut25
Water pump pulley bolt20
Drain plug2.5Reference torque only
Thermostat cap bolt25
Radiator bolt11
Radiator cooling fan bolt7
Cooling fan motor bolt4

Valve train

Cylinder head

Engine block internals


Manual transmission

PartTorque (Nm)Notes
Clutch bleed nipple8.5
Slave cylinder bolt23
Clutch cover boltInitial 5.0, final 23Tighten 3 alternating bolts finger tight
Tighten other 3 bolts to 5 Nm
Tighten all bolts to 23 Nm in a criss-cross pattern

Automatic transmission

Transfer case

PartTorque (Nm)Notes
Level / fill plug23Use sealant on plug
Drain plug23Use sealant on plug
Mounting bracket bolt23
Mounting nut30
Switch protector bolt9
Low range switch21
4wd switch19
Shift knob bolt10
Flange nut130
Locating spring bolt18
Transfer case joining bolts18
Clamp bracket bolt9
Retainer bolt18
Transfer oil receiver5.0
Output to rear differential propshaft flange bolts33Do not reuse: M8x20mm bolt (09117-08079-000) replacement
Flanges for transmission to transfer propshaft50Do not reuse: M10x25 bolt (09112-10002-000) replacement



PartTorque (Nm)Notes
Front diff filler/level plug50Use new sealing washer
Front diff drain plug55Use new sealing washer
Wheel bearing locking nut216Do not reuse: 43461-82CB0-000 replacement
Front locking hub bolt50New gasket required beneath air locking hub assembly: 43838-82CB1-000 replacement
Grease both sides of spindle thrust washer
Wheel spindle bolt50Do not reuse: M10x25 bolt (09117-10057-000) replacement
Threebond 1215 sealant between spindle body and steering knuckle face
Holds on brake backing plate
Kingpin bolt25Do not reuse: M8x20 bolt (09117-08050-000) replacement
Threebond 1215 sealant between kingpin root and steering knuckle body
Swivel hub seal cover bolt10Grease knuckle seal if reassembling; do not reuse swivel hub seal (R seal 45123-77R00-000, L seal 45123-77R50-000)
Vacuum pipe bracket bolt9
Differential carrier bolt30Threebond 1215 sealant used on carrier bolt threads
Ring gear bolt85Do not reuse: M10x16 bolt (09103-10309-000) replacement
Flange nut100-400Is set to obtain differential preload 0.9 – 1.5 Nm of rotational torque
Bearing cap bolt1.5 initial
50 final
Initial before adjusting backlash; final once all adjustments complete
Lock plate bolt12
Prop shaft bolts50Do not reuse: M10x25 bolt (09112-10002-000) replacement



Wheel nuts: 100 Nm, tighten in a star pattern

Front suspension

PartTorque (Nm)Notes
Swaybar ball joint nut50Do not reuse: 09159-10118-000 replacement
Swaybar bracket bolt23Tighten with vehicle raised (unlaiden front end)
Shock: upper nut35Do not reuse: 41814-63J00-000 replacement
Shock: lower bolt60Insert from vehicle outside, do not reuse. Bolt M12x50mm (09103-12118-000), nut (8316B1012AN000) for replacement
Panhard: axle end160Do not reuse: 45215-77R00 replacement, 09385B12002N000 r-clip
Panhard: body end160Do not reuse: 45214-77R00 replacement, 09385B12002N000 r-clip
Radius arm: axle end95Do not reuse: 45216-77R00-000 replacement
Radius arm: chassis end73Do not reuse: 45217-77R00-000 bolt, 08316B1012AN000 nut replacement
Tie rod end nut43
Tie rod end lock nut65
Drag rod end nut43
Drag rod end lock nut65
Steering damper bolt50
Steering damper end nut43
Steering gear box nut64
If LHD: Bolt in steering gear box64
Lock nut
on steering gear
box backlash adjuster
37Threebond 1215 on surface of lock nut

Rear suspension

PartTorque (Nm)Notes
Panhard rod bolt95Do not reuse: 46215-77R00-000 replacement
Panhard rod nut95Do not reuse: 08316B1012AN000 replacement
Rear shock upper bolt70Do not reuse: 09103-12106-000 replacement
Rear shock lower bolt and nut45Do not reuse: 09103-12137-000 bolt, 08316B1012AN000 nut replacement
Bump stop50
Radius arm: axle end95Do not reuse: 45216-77R00-000 bolt, 08316B1012AN000 nut replacement
Radius arm: chassis end73Do not reuse: 45217-77R00-000 bolt, 08316B1012AN000 nut replacement
Headlight level sensor bracket10


Front brakes

PartTorque (Nm)Notes
Slide pin bolt22Grease slides themselves, not the bolt
Brake hose fitting23

Rear brakes

PartTorque (Nm)Notes
Rear brake pipe flare nut16
Wheel cylinder bolt8.9
Handbrake adjustment nut
(under centre console)
23Undone whenever you do a handbrake adjustment;
deep socket needed to tighten.



PartTorque (Nm)Notes
Body mount nut60
Washer tank bolt8.4
Wiper motor bolt8.3
Wiper arm nut18
Rear wiper motor bolt8.3
Rear wiper arm nut7.9
Front cowl side panel bolt8.8
Front and rear bumper bolts8.8



PartTorque (Nm)Notes
Throttle pedal bracket nut5.4
Throttle pedal assembly to bracket nut13
Steering wheel nut32
Steering column lower nut25
Steering column upper nut25
Steering column bolt through universal joint14
Steering column nut and bolt – seal flange14
Steering column seal nuts – in engine bay15
Clutch pressure switch nut7.5
Clutch master cylinder nut23
Clutch pedal pivot bolt and nut23

Seats & seatbelts

PartTorque (Nm)Notes
Front seat mounting bolt23
Front seat back bolt50
Front seat belt buckle nut43
Front seat belt mechanism nut43Tighten this first
Front seat belt upper nut43Tighten this second
Front seat belt lower nut43Tighten this third
Front seat belt pretensioner bolt5.5Tighten this last
Rear seat back mounting bolt43
Rear seat inner bracket (pivot) bolt18.5
Rear seat child anchor point bolt21
Rear seat belt buckle nut43Also applies to end of seatbelt run
Rear seat belt mechanism nut 43Tighten this first
Rear seat belt pretensioner bracket5.5Tighten this second
Rear seat belt upper nut43Tighten this last

Doors, bonnet and boot

PartTorque (Nm)Notes
Bonnet latch10Tighten the side with the single bolt first,
then upper bolt on other side,
then lower bolt on this second side.
Door hinge23Torque in sequence outer then inner bolt
Door check strap21
Door latch striker screw28
Rear boot strut ball nut

HVAC & audio

PartTorque (Nm)Notes
Rear speaker screw5.5
Antenna bolt7
Condenser mounting bolt10
Discharge hose bolt10
Liquid pipe bolt10
Suction hose & pipe bolts10
HVAC unit bolt10
HVAC unit nut (engine side)10
HVAC unit nut (interior side)4.5
Expansion valve bolt7
Refrigerant pressure sensor11
Compressor mounting bolt25
Armature plate bolt18
Relief valve10
(Auto A/C) Temp control actuator screw1.2
(Auto A/C) Air flow control actuator screw1.2
(Auto A/C) Air intake actuator screw1.2

Air bag system

PartTorque (Nm)Notes
SDM (sensor) module9
Front impact sensor bolt9
Passenger airbag module bolt23
Side airbag inflator module nut5.5
Rear side impact G sensor9
Curtain airbag inflation module11

Other interior

PartTorque (Nm)Notes
Interior rear vision mirror5.5