Interior mats and protection

Important to protect the carpets

Current setup: 3D tru-fit mats & genuine Suzuki cargo and dash mat

For the rear cargo area, I wanted something not nearly as slippery as the factory plastic backs for the seats when they’re folded down (99.999% of the time for me). For this the Suzuki factory rubber cargo mat (990E0-78R30-002) is ideal.

To protect the dash I got the Suzuki factory dash mat. I don’t love dash mats for a lot of cars but given the flat windscreen and how long the dashboard will get exposed to the sun, it seemed a wise investment. The dash mat has the part number 990AA-00929-001 and is worth buying at ~$80 AU retail at time of writing.

Suzuki factory mats

There’s two main mat sets for the JB74 from Suzuki as accessories. One is the carpet mat set and the other are the rubber mat set.

Carpet mats for Australian Jimnys are 75901-77RA0-000 for manual or 75901-77RB0-000 for auto. The rubber mats are 75901-77R60-000 for the manual or 75901-77R70-000.

The carpet mats feel nice and certainly would be good if you don’t use your car too much offroad. Mine sit on the shelf ‘just in case’ although they’ll probably get listed on ebay sometime when I get bored of having them inside taking up space in my house.

[Carpet mats installed] [Carpet mats on the shelf]

The rubber factory mats seemed good initially. They’re not a bad rubber or anything, they’re just a little thin and they don’t do very well to contain sand or similar off your boots when offroading. They served me fine for a bit over 18 months but did start to show wear which is why I went for the Tru-Fit 3D mats.

[Rubber factory mats installed] [Rubber factory mats out of the car]