2019 Suzuki Jimny/Jimny Sierra JB74W

Well well well, look what we have here.

Plenty of mods to make it into what I want, and I’ll try to give as good a guide to these as I can. I’ve broken the mods up into individual sections with justifications/how-tos and more info where I can.

Using it

Haven’t done too many trips so far, but I did sneak down the southwest of WA for a bit of a beach getaway.

Way too many renovation trips to mention which justifies the use of roof racks.

The dog enjoys driving, does not enjoy the slippery plastic on the back of the rear seats folded down and kinda is a bit tall. He’s an idiot though.

Modifying it


2″ JimnyBits/Black Raptor lift kit

The ins and outs of making sure that you do indeed lift.

Wheel/tyre upgrade

Swapping out the standard wheels and tyres for things more suitable for offroad use.

Protection, towing and load carrying

ARB bullbar and rock sliders

I didn’t fit these myself so no point DIYing it. I really like the bar and I think it really suits the car, and they did a great job matching the paint to the wheel flares and similar. Other people like some of the features of the other bars e.g. the AFN bar or the price of the Ironman man. I’m happy enough. The rock sliders work great, I hate sill damage on 4wds and I think they’re a must on anything. Very solid, though note they’re only good as sliders: don’t expect to use them as running boards to help get access to the roof.

Radius arm mount guards

A very common spot for underbody damage on a Jimny – here’s how to repair any damage you might have caused and also how to protect them from damage into the future.

Hayman Reese towbar with factory electrical harness

Factory bar really ruins departure angle, the best option (in Australia) appears to be the Hayman Reese bar with the removable tongue. Great to use as a rear recovery point too! I did the wiring install myself, so read more on the towbar and the wiring harness.

Roof racks and other load carrying

The roof load limit on the Jimny is pretty low (30 kg max) but it’s handy to be able to take long stuff. I can’t justify a roof platform at the moment, but I did get some Rhino Vortex roof bars as they have great accessories, are very aerodynamic and super quick to install and remove. As an added benefit they’re only 3 kg total so you can still fit a few things to the roof.

Tiedown points

Simple one this: there’s 4 factory bolt holes in the back that can be used for universal tiedown points, and also some threaded holes under the windows for tiedown rails higher up. Here’s how I installed them.

Rear ladder as a carrier

Another part that helps is adding the dodgy ebay aluminium ladders for the back as a way to hold recovery boards and stuff. I bought a cheap Chinese aluminium ladder that clamps onto the top and the bottom of the rear door as a way of simply holding my recovery boards. I’ll probably weld something that has better mounts sometime but this does for now!



Ironman recovery points but with the ARB bullbar? What kind of sorcery is this?

Recovery points

Some of my recovery kit.

Recovery kit

A Jimny means you can get away with lighter weight recovery gear. Here’s where I catalogue my adventure in putting together my recovery gear, focussing on a lot of things like soft ropes and shackles and light weight winch rings over oldschool hefty snatch blocks and the like. I also like to carry recovery boards.


Retro front grille

Simple and easy install of an OEM upgrade that looks heaps nicer.

Kakimoto GTbox 06&s exhaust (catback)

Who doesn’t like some braaaaap?


Here’s where I fitted the OEM front and rear mudflaps

Explore Glazing rear window replacements

Push it… real good. DIY installing sliding rear windows.

Sliding windows and anti-theft things for the back! Here’s the full DIY install of these lovely Explore Glazing units. I really wanted some ventilation for my dog for the back so I bought these.

Electrical improvements

Speaker and stereo upgrades

UHF radio and antenna

Interior lighting upgrades

Driving lights

Interior switches: what fits where
Switches get bitches.
Here’s the lowdown on what fits where to let you add OE style switches to the dashboard or centre console of your Jimny. Also useful dimensional info for other brands too, I guess.

It’s nice to have variable speed wipers

It’s really nice to have variable speed intermittent wipers, and here’s how you can take 10 minutes to swap in a JDM specific wiper stalk for variable speed front intermittent wipers.

Interior niceities

RAM mounts

RAM mounts: a simple solution to holding everything. Very handy and simple to install.

Factory rear rubber mat

Dashboard carpet mat

Rubber versus carpet mats

Extended rear door strut for more opening