2019 Suzuki Jimny/Jimny Sierra JB74W

Well well well, look what we have here.

Plenty of mods to make it into what I want, and I’ll try to give as good a guide to these as I can. I’ve broken the mods up into individual sections with justifications/how-tos and more info where I can.

Using it

Haven’t done too many trips so far, but I did sneak down the southwest of WA for a bit of a beach getaway.

Some 4wding through various parts at the back of Perth indicated that maybe something was needed to keep the dog comfortable in the back (hence I got sliding windows).

Winter time saw some action down in the forest tracks of the southwest

It’s also done some things like the Holland Track: did it easily, and super enjoyable time with the car!

Also lots of time just stooging around the Perth tracks, either solo or with friends.

Semi-local tracks like the Captain Fawcett track also get a bit of a look in here and there when time allows.

Servicing and fixing it

I mostly haven’t had to do too much servicing to the car, but I’ve started collecting notes on servicing the car.

Servicing a Jimny: all you need to know about changing oils, coolant, brake pads and lots of other random things.

If you need touch up paints I have compiled the JB74 paint codes.

Modifying it

(As of January 2021)


Suspension upgrade

Protection and recovery


Luggage carrying and storage

Other external