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Who needs carbs when you have start ya bastard?

A true TGR carb free diet. This one is from the archives; Whickle provided the video and Charlie and I tested out the theory we didn’t need a carburettor on a recently unearthed Honda CT125. Note the bike had been found at the local dump; the engine will live on in a TGR gokart.

Start ya bastard FTW.

TGR approved 2012 Street Triple front sprocket cover

Not worthy of a full worklog page, but today I helped out some mates by fitting a 520 conversion/alloy sprockets to a 2012 Street Triple. These bikes are a bit of a pain to get off the front sprocket cover and the owner wanted to make it easier to clean the chain gunge off. 45 minutes, some 2mm aluminium and a bit of thinking, and I had it made. Couple more pics below the break.

2012 Street Triple: front sprocket cover