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Phillip Island the stage for 2014 WSBK opening round | Motorcycle News Racing Reviews Tests

Phillip Island the stage for 2014 WSBK opening round | Motorcycle News Racing Reviews Tests.

Bryan Staring is back in WSBK SuperSport at PI on a Honda this year, plus a bunch of other news. Looks like it’s going to be a great start to the season down at PI and I can’t wait to get down there!

SRCT Rnd1 & Motorworks 2 hour: race report

Thanks to a well-planned visit to my family, I was able to get down to Tas and have a quick race. The occasion? The sprint races supporting the Motorworks 2 Hour endurance race. Just before I was due to come down here, I noticed there was a race meeting on, and there were separate races for Historics and under 500cc. Excellent, so I entered. There was also a trackday on the day before, so I at least got some laps of Baskerville, a track I last rode in 2003


MCN | Riding skills: How to get a good race start

Given it’s something I know I need to work on, I figured this could be a handy link for TGR 🙂

PCRA Rd 1 2014 Race Report

Saturday 8th of February was the first round of the PCRA 2014 season, and also marked the racing debut of the 1995 ZX6R that I have spent the last couple of months getting race ready after selling the LC to Chops.

I was pretty nervous going into this round because I knew the bike was good, I’d done all I could to get used to riding it and get it setup right, but aside from comparing some laptimes from my trackdays to some of the rounds from last year, I had absolutely no idea how I would go on it compared to the rest of the guys out there.

Pre-season prep | Feel The Track

Some really good tips on preparing your bike for a racing season from Dave Moss:

Suzuki MotoGP: 4 part video series on their return

Suzuki released a few videos a couple of weeks back detailing their preparations for a return to MotoGP, and they’re worthy of a watch. 4 parts, each pretty short so people with short attention spans (read: Suzuki fans) should be alright. First vid displayed, 3 more below the jump. Also, if you don’t like Suzukis, I’ve included a pic of Lauren Vickers beneath the jump so you have to look :).