The new season of racing for the PCRA in 2015 is starting with Round 1 on Saturday the 7th of February up at Wakefield Park. Come up and watch TGR represent with Chops racing in P5 250 and P5 350, and me racing in PreModern F2 and PreModern F1.

The club have changed the program around a bit this year in an attempt to get a more sensible grouping of the different bikes and classes, and also to get some more track time for some of the different riders. What this means for me is they’ve separated out PreModern F1 and F2, so I can go back to entering two classes like I used to do on the LC. It also means the objection to the PM F3 bikes racing up a class in PM F2, and so being on track with PM F1 bikes, should no longer be an issue.

I suspect there will still be some riders put out by the changes, but there always will be I guess.

I’m hoping the club continue the other changes they were implementing late last year in an attempt to keep the meeting flowing and get through the full program without having to shorten races e.g. getting strict with the scrutineers and looking at the bikes that have crashed to see if there was anything preventable that caused it. They are also planning on rotating the race group that starts first at the meeting between different meetings, so if there are delays or cancellations then it’s not the same class getting a raw deal every time.

It’s going to be an interesting year!