Monthly archives: August, 2014

RB Racing/St George MCC 4 hour 2014: race history chart

This is the race history chart calculated here at TGR for the RB Racing / St George MCC 2014 4 hour endurance race. The vertical axis is the difference in seconds to the winner’s overall average lap time; think of 0s of being a perfect rider who circulated at exactly the winner’s overall lap time. The gradient of the series tells you the rider’s pace: a line going up is gaining, and a line going down is losing time. The winner, by how it’s constructed, ends up at 0s at the final lap. All the others are beneath.

[visualizer id=”384″]

Not so quiet on the Western Front

Hello all! We’ve been a bit quiet around these parts with a bunch of projects going on and the usual winter doldrums. Pace starts to pick up again, with some bikes fixed and back on track and some racing coming up.
Just recently we’ve had people competed in the St George MCC/RB Racing 4 hour endurance race plus the RJays/Honda sprint race round associated with it, and we’re gearing up for a few riders taking on the PCRA 1 hour endurance race and associated sprint round.
We’ve also taken two broken Jap racing bikes and thrown engines into them in the best TGR ways possible, and done a heap of work on a cafe racer.
Keep coming back to check it all out as we add more content and do some more updates.