Factory accessories – not an exhaustive list

There are a lot of factory or factory-related accessories. There is not a great listing for these and not everything listed here will be available in your market or even available at all anymore. I just wished to preserve it.

For copyright reasons I won’t host accessory catalogues directly, and I will try to reference where I found it and also some pictures where I can. Rough layout of the order of this page comes from the Australian genuine accessory listing.


  • Exterior cosmetics
  • Exterior graphics
  • Off road accessories
  • Interior
  • Floor and boot mats
  • Luggage/load carrying – interior
  • Luggage/load carrying – exterior
  • Tools/first aid
  • Electrical
  • Audio upgrades
  • Merchandise/apparel/toys

Exterior cosmetics

Retro front grille: 9911C-78R00-ZSC

Front bumper under garnish: 99115-78R10-000

Sill garnish: 99112-78R10-000

Weather shields for windows: 99120-78R10-000

Door handle protection: 99126-78R00-000

Hard spare wheel cover: 990E0-78R13-000

Soft spare wheel cover, white Suzuki text: 99000-990YB-699

Soft spare wheel cover, red/blue Suzuki text: 99000-990YB-700

Wheel nuts, security: 990E0-59J47-000 (sicustar), 90E0-59J49-000 (sicurit)

Valve caps, S logo: 990E0-19069-SET

Wheel nut covers, black: 990E0-62R70-COV

Side body moulding: 990E0-78R07-000

Exterior graphics

Off road accessories

Mud flaps, front: 99118-78R00-RD1 (red), 99118-78R00-BK1 (black)

Mud flaps, rear (with Suzuki text): 99118-78R10-RD1 (red), 99118-78R10-BK1 (black)

Differential guard: 9912J-78R30-000 (front), 9912J-78R40-000 (rear)


2 DIN stereo unit bumper surround: 99140-78R00-000

Automatic transmission surround LHD: 9923D-78R00-001 (Hagane silver), 9923D-78R00-002 (Satin silver)

Automatic transmission surround RHD: 9923D-78R10-001 (Hagane silver), 9923D-78R10-002 (Satin silver)

Manual transmission knob, heritage: 28113-77R20-000

Air vent surrounds: 99233-78R00-QKJ (Hagane silver), 99233-78R00-QMC (Satin silver)

Smoker’s kit: 990E0-68P00-SMK

Sun shade set for rear windows: 990E0-78R20-000

Loading edge protection: 990E0-78R52-000

Deodorising cabin filter: 99250-78R00-000

Floor and boot mats

Eco carpet mats LHD: 75901-78R00-000 (manual), 75901-78R10-000 (auto)

Eco carpet mats RHD: 75901-78R40-000 (manual), 75901-78R50-000 (auto)

DLX carpet mats LHD: 75901-77R80-000 (manual), 75901-77R90-000 (auto)

DLX carpet mats RHD: 75901-77RA0-000 (manual), 75901-77RB0-000 (auto)

Rubber floor mats LHD: 75901-78R60-000 (manual), 75901-78R70-000 (auto)

Rubber floor mats RHD: 75901-77R60-000 (manual), 75901-77R70-000 (auto)

Large rear tray: 990E0-78R30-001

Rubber boot mat: 990E0-78R30-002

Flexible boot liner: 990E0-78R48-003

Luggage/load carrying – interior

Baby seat “Baby safe i-SIZE”: 88501-77R00-000

Child seat “Duo Plus”: 990E0-59J56-000

Child seat “Kidfix XP”: 990E0-59J25-002

Cargo barrier – 4 seater: 990E0-78R48-000

Rear seat protective cover: 990E0-78R44-000

Cargo tray, small: 990E0-78R30-000

Rear luggage box: 75401-77R00-000

Luggage tiedown hooks (x4): 9915F-78R00-000

Luggage/load carrying – exterior

Rear bike carrier for towbar: 990E0-59J22-000

Factory roof racks: 78901-78R10-000

Factory roof basket: 99177-78R00-000

Roof rack bicyle carrier: 9917B-78R00-000

Surfboard carrier: 99179-78R00-000

Ski/snowboard carrier: 99178-78R00-000

Towbar (UK/Europe): 72901-78R00-000

Towbar wiring (UK/Europe): 990E0-78R64-000 (7pin, LHD), 990E0-78R65-000 (13pin, LHD), 990E0-78R66-000 (13pin, RHD), 990E0-62J41-000 (7 pin plug to 13 pin socket), 990E0-79J67-000 (13 pin plug to 7 pin socket)

Towbar (Australia): 72901-01709-P03

Towbar wiring (Australia): 72901-78R10

Towbar kit (Australia, towbar plus wiring): 72901-78R10-K01

Tools/first aid

LED worklight: 990E0-78R46-000

First aid kit: 990E0-61M79-000

LED flashlight: 990F0-JYLED-000


USB socket to fit centre console for rear seat passengers: 990E0-78R00-USB

12V socket for rear of lower specification vehicles: 990E0-78R00-12V

Rear parking sensors: 990E0-78R53-000

Rain sensor: 990E0-65J81-035

Battery charger: 990E0-OPTIM-CAR

Touch up paint: see paint codes article

Audio upgrades

Premium speaker upgrade kit (brackets and speakers): 990AA-01223-PK8

Underseat subwoofer: 990AA-01223-PK2

Pioneer 13cm speaker set (2 speakers): 99000-79BJ0

Speaker brackets: 99197-78R00 (front), 99197-77R00 (rear)


Ogawa attachable tent: 99243-78R00-000

Suzuki gun bag: 990F0-JYGBG-000

Jimny hiking stool: 990F0-JYWAK-000

Jimny hiking poles: 990F0-JYTST-000

Jimny outdoor kit: 990F0-JYKT1-000

Caps: 990F0-JYCP1-000 (grey), 990F0-JYCP2-000 (camouflage)

Fleece jacket: 990F0-JYFJ1-size (sizes XS-3XL)

Key ring: 990F0-JYKEY-000

Tshirt kinetic yellow: 990F0-JYFT2-size (sizes S-XXL)

Tshirt jungle green: 990F0-JYFT1-size (sizes S-XXL)

Tshirt camouflage: 990F0-JYFT3-size (sizes S-XXL)

Polo shirt green: 990F0-JYPM1-size (Mens sizes S-XXL), 990F0-JYPL1-size (Womens sizes XS-XL)

Polo shirt kinetic yellow: 990F0-JYPM2-size (Mens sizes S-XXL), 990F0-JYPL2-size (Womens sizes XS-XL)

Die cast cars: 99000-79ND0-000 (1970 Jimny), 99000-79ND0-001 (4th generation Jimny)

Pull-back car: 99000-79NP0-000 (kinetic yellow), 99000-79NP0-001 (jungle green)

Enamel mug: 990F0-JYMG1-000

Watch, outdoors: 990F0-JYWA1-000