1973 Suzuki GT250: The beginnings

1973 Suzuki GT250K cafe racer “Robyn” -> The beginnings

Every story has a beginning, and beginning has a bunch of pictures :). This is the 1973 GT250K. My ownership starts in 2010 with looking for a project for someone else, but I’ve ended up taking it on. Here’s a bunch of the photos to show where it started from

GT250: initial buy, LHS

The bike itself probably counts as a barn find. Not exactly, but it had sat around for nearly 20 years. Some initial digging revealed a few things about it:

  • Despite being sold as a 1975, it’s actually a 73 (as I suspected).
    The engine is an early 74 though, so it is either a replacement motor or this bike was sold in 74 but at 73 specs.
  • Original colour was red and white, rather than the house paint blue.
  • Very low KM on the bike, and a bunch of accident damage left and right. But mostly complete, so that’s rather nice.


GT250, initial buy RHS Originally this bike was red, but badly painted blue Some crash damage Missing badge highlights the original colour Lots of random oil from 20 years of sitting outside Still has the original ACT numberplate The nice part is it is mostly complete Probably the correct number of km. It was parked up in about 1988, and wasn't ridden that much before then. Leaking fork seal provided a heap of protective oil With the rims clean, you can see that they aren't in too bad a condition Stripped down a bit Engine cleaned and degreased to see what I'm working with The covers cleaned up nicely with a bit of degreaser. Front end looking pretty ok. Seat fell apart thanks to sitting out in the weather for 20+ years Clean chrome. Still needs a lot of polishing