JB74W dual battery setup

This is really a notepad for me thinking out aloud and collecting people’s posts on it, as well as discussing the issues around various dual battery setups. Strap yourself in as this will be a long one as I work through options and come up with my own solution


Limited space under the bonnet

Relocating things under the bonnet might not be simple

Smart alternator shenanigans

Potential solutions / various posts that provide some insights

Under bonnet

Under bonnet looks like the trickiest but perhaps the neatest option. So far there appears to be only one commercial offering for a kit around this: https://www.piranhaoffroad.com.au/battery-tray-to-suit-suzuki-jimny-2019-onwards-btsjb74-australian-made/.

This is very neat, but it does relocate the factory washer bottle up to where the TLR compressor mount bracket goes, so it’s not ideal if you want an underbonnet compressor as well.

Underneath a false floor / front seats

In the back


My thoughts on resolving issues

Bonnet stay positioning

Washer bottle