2019 Jimny audio upgrades

I’m still waiting on some parts, but here’s some documentation on doing audio upgrades on the JB74 Jimny – and applies to the JB64, too. Where I know them I’ll add part numbers but also make sure to check with dealerships as a lot of this is off sketchy printouts people have got in some of the Jimny groups on FB or forums.

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Parts list

  • Front speaker mounts: Suzuki 5.25″ plastic speaker brackets/spacers, part number 99197-78R00
  • Rear speaker mounts: Suzuki 5.25″ metal speaker brackets, part number 99197-78R00 (possibly R10 for some markets)
  • Front and rear speakers: Rockford Fosgate R1525X2. Factory speakers are Pioneer 5.25″ 2-way speakers, part number 99000-79BJ0-R00, which I believe are Pioneer TS-G1320F speakers. The Pioneers have the correct holes for the factory brackets but not too hard to modify to suit – see my install instructions.
  • Underseat subwoofer: Kicker 11HS8
  • Underseat 4 channel amplifier: Pioneer GM-A6704

A couple of notes on the parts list

  • I went for the Rockford Fostgate speakers mostly cause I like them more than I like the Pioneers that Suzuki supply and that are a direct fit for the brackets. Some mods are needed to make them fit into the brackets). Potentially larger and/or fully split speakers would be better but I’m kinda into a stealth install and these will be good enough for me.
  • Subwoofer wise there’s a few under-seat options but the Kicker gets good reviews
  • Amplifier you could buy better, but I scored this unused 2nd hand and it will do for a car like this.
  • I’d like a headunit upgrade sometime as there’s a couple of things that annoy me, but I also don’t really want one of the Android based headunits. Currently looking into options to integrate a nice double-din unit fully.


Front speakers

Rear speakers

Under-seat subwoofer

4-channel amplifier

The factory route

There’s a couple of factory upgrades available.

  • Ultimate package: 4 upgraded speakers and brackets plus the under-seat subwoofer. This is part number 990AA-01223-PK1.
  • Upgraded speakers and their brackets together is 990AA-01223-PK2
  • Underseat subwoofer 990AA-01223-PK3
  • Upgraded speaker pair 99000-79BJ0-R00
  • The factory speakers appear to be Pioneer TS-G1320F speakers.